SteriShoe+ Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer Review: Keep Sweaty Feet From Becoming A Larger Problem

UV sneaker deodorizerSteriShoe+ Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer. Stopping Harmful Bacteria That Thrives On Your Hyperhidrosis!

Bottom Line Up Front: Should You Worry About The Bacteria Growing In Your Shoes?

Yes. As embarrassing and disgusting as sweaty feet feel the only thing worse is what you may not know about. The bacteria that loves your hyperhidrosis.

The SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer Changed all that for me!

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Sweaty Feet Can Lead To More Than A Disgusting Feeling…

Besides the smell that hyperhidrosis can cause, sweaty feet can also lead to:

  • Athletes Foot
  • Warts
  • Fungal Infections
  • And other bacterial infections

The SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer Will Stop The Problems Associated With Excessive Foot Sweating Before They Begin!

UV Sterilization is scientifically proven method to kill harmful bacteria! Don’t believe me? Head over to your local college’s microbiology department, you’ll find all sorts of UV sanitizing equipment!

SteriShoe UV Shoe Sanitizer Breakdown:


Effective! UV Sanitizers work. They are used by microbiologists world-wide in academia, governmental and private settings to ensure harmful bacteria and other agents are safely eliminated.

Easy to use! Just plug it in, place the devices in your shoes, and let it kill the bacteria.

Works in as little as 15 minutes!

Built in fan helps dry out your shoes!

Scent pouches let the SteriShoe UV Sanitizer leave your shoes smelling great everytime!

Comes with a 1 year warranty



Since UV Sanitizers rely upon a light-bulb to function, there is a chance that when the unit arrives, if the package has been mishandled the bulb could arrive broken. Their customer service will be happy to send a replacement if this happens.

Price. If anything will disuade you from the SteriShoe UV Sanitizer it will be it’s price. Although very reasonable considering the product, it can be a big decision….. (hint: I wouldn’t trade mine for the world!)

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If You Suffer From Sweaty Feet Associated With Hyperhidrosis you likely also have further problems that simply addressing the sweat won’t cure.

My SteriShoe UV Sanitizer is now a mainstay in my treatment of sweaty feet, and hope you will enjoy the benefits that it can bring you as well!

Overall Score: 4.5/5.0