Quick and Easy Ways to Treat Sweaty Feet Naturally

Quick and Easy Ways to Treat Sweaty Feet Naturally

plantar hyperhidrosis

Treat Sweaty Feet

Are you getting exhausted and tired of having sweaty, smelly feet?

Are you hoping to know how to treat sweat feet fast and naturally?

Sweaty feet or plantar hyperhidrosis is a condition which affects 3 percent of the population.

Because of overactive sweat glands, a lot of people experience lots of perspiration than they should. Thankfully there are many techniques you can try. While it is not that easy to stop feet from sweating, it is not impossible either. Here are some ways on how to stop sweaty feet fast and naturally.

  • Avoid Wearing Tight Socks: The socks you wear must fit snugly on your feet; however they must still allow the feet to breathe. It is a good idea to change them at least twice a day. This will keep your feet dry.
  • Soak Feet in Brewed Teas Each Single Day: Brewed herbal tea has properties which could keep feet dry. Utilize ordinary sage tea or black tea. The tannins in tea will kill the bacteria which cause feet to be smelly.
  • Ensure you take enough zinc in your diet. Zinc is important mineral that could regulate sweat glands and metabolism. When your metabolism is regulated in a right way, you’ll sweat less.
  • Wash feet thorough everyday: You may need to combine tea tree oil into the water and submerge feet in the solution. Tea tree oil is an amazing herbal remedy for too much sweating. No matter what you do, never use harsh soap, or it will cause inflammation. Utilize a mild soap and then gently scrub your feet just ensure to rinse the soap and tea tree oil off your feet if you are done washing them.
  • Talcum powder could assist prevent sweating use it after taking bath. This assist keeps your feet dry.

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These are just some of the many ways to cure sweaty feet fast and naturally.

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