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3 Free Tips To Treat Sweaty Feet

Stinky feet are a common problem faced by many of us and you will be wondering what is causing my feet to smell and how to stop sweaty feet.

Though most of us are suffering from foot perspiration, the troubles caused by damp feet and the bad odor is a matter of concern and discomfort. A stinking feet caused by excessive foot sweating may lead to many problems and hence you have to find ways to stop sweaty feet.

Stinky feet may cause more embarrassment to you and can severely affect your daily routine causing more problems in social life. You may have to face the problem of smelly feet when you are at your gym, or outdoors in the hot sun making you reluctant to remove your shoes in public places such in a crowded airport. So, finding ways to stop sweaty feet becomes very important for you. Fortunately we have many ways of getting rid of that foul smell that comes from your feet and most of them can be accomplished in your home itself and can be done as do- it- yourself home treatments without having to spend a fortune to stop sweaty feet.

The condition of having stinky feet is known as bromhidrosis and can begin early in your life when you are a child or when you have reached the age of an adolescent. In most of the cases adhering to good basic hygiene and following some healthy habits can greatly reduce your problem of smelly feet and to stop sweaty feet you can follow some of the following easy steps

Three Free Tips To Treat Sweaty Feet Due To Hyperhidrosis:

Follow basic hygiene:

When you are faced with the problem of sweaty feet the simplest way to do this is to ensure good hygiene and this must be done on a daily basis. The most basic thing you can do is to wash your feet with anti- bacterial soap thoroughly and focus more on the areas between your toes. After washing wipe dry your feet and apply witch hazel or apple cider vinegar between your toes with the help of cotton swab. It is also better if you can use an anti- bacterial foot scrub and this will give a thorough cleaning of your feet and this is enough for most of us to stop sweaty feet.

Toenail funguses are one of the main causes of bad odor in your feet and hence take care to keep your toenails short and always trimmed. Clean the areas below the toe nails thoroughly to get rid of the fungus and bacterial growth beneath them. When this has failed to stop sweaty feet, you have to go for more effective ways to fight your sweaty feet problem.

Use a Foot Powder or Foot Scrub

When there is still bad odor coming from your feet even after following a strict foot hygiene then you have to apply powders such as baking soda, arrow root powder or cornstarch to absorb extra moisture in your feet. This can be a good way to stop sweaty feet. You can also use antifungal foot powders that help you get rid of fungal growth that is causing the excessive sweat and bad odor on your feet. Tea tree oil is one of the best among the antifungal home remedies that is sure to stop sweaty feet.

Soaking your feet in baths:

Yet another way to stop sweaty feet is to soak your feet in baths and it will help your feet get rid of the foul smell due to the removal of bacterial growth and excessive dampness. For this you can immerse your feet in salt baths, tea soaks or in solutions mixed with Apple cider vinegar.

Take a wide bowl and mix one part apple cider vinegar with two parts of water and soak your feet in this solution for about 15 minutes. Apple cider vinegar is a well known anti- bacterial and anti- fungal substance and by soaking your feet in it, all the bacterial growth and fungal colonies will be totally removed. This will help your feet become clean and stop that bad odor coming from your feet.

Rotate your shoes and socks daily:

To stop sweaty feet it is better to avoid wearing the same shoe or footwear daily and change them every day and this will avoid getting the bad effects of sweaty feet. Have more pairs and shoes and wear them alternately so that your shoes get enough time to dry completely.

Always select the right type of shoes and foot wear that allow your feet to breathe rather than using ill fitting shoes that are very tight and do not allow air to reach  your feet. This will worsen your foot sweating problem and will give rise to worse odor.

So, follow these simple ways of tackling the effects of sweaty feet and you will be happy to find that you are able to stop sweaty feet by these easy to use home remedies.



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